How to turn sustainability into a competitive advantage

July 3, 2023

In the rapidly evolving logistics industry, sustainability has emerged as a crucial driver of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. We collaborated with Blue Water Shipping to develop and integrate sustainable solutions, fundamentally transforming its operations and customer journey to meet the growing demand for greener options.

aerial view of a cargo ship

Here's how we helped Blue Water Shipping to turn sustainability into a competitive advantage:

  • Provide powerful digital tools and reporting options on Co2 emissions relating to the transportation of goods
  • Make the greenest choice the default option
  • Be transparent that CO2 offsetting primarily expresses good intentions but may not deliver a significant impact
  • Utilize customers' increased focus on sustainability in a greater demand for greener options across the entire value chain
workshop whiteboard

Winning with Sustainability

As sustainability is becoming a driver in customer satisfaction and advocacy we suggested incorporating sustainability into their entire customer journey through easy-to-use digital tools.

Our forward thinking was recognized as the winner of the hackathon as we demonstrated our commitment to prioritizing sustainability.